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What is the Best Time to Fish in Cabo San Lucas?

What is the Best Time to Fish in Cabo San Lucas

If you are a fan of fishing, a trip to Cabo can be an opportunity to sharpen your skills and interact with different species. Even though Cabo has great weather all year round, certain months are more suitable for fishing excursions. It’s during these months that Cabo also hosts fishing competitions. Whether you are interested in joining these competitions or you prefer fishing for fun, here is a breakdown of when is the best time you should make such a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

When is Fishing Season in Cabo?

All factors considered, the ideal fishing period in Cabo is from May to November. During this season, you can catch a wide range of species, from marlin to the famous mahi mahi. Cabo San Lucas is considered the Marlin capital of the world. Therefore, if you visit during this period, you are assured of catching Striped, Black or Blue Marlins.

Popular Types of Fish and When You Can Find Them in Cabo Waters

Cabo’s proximity to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean makes it a hotspot for many fish species. Here are the different types of fish and when you may be lucky enough to catch them. 

  • Sailfish – If you want to experience the thrill of catching the fastest fish in the ocean, visit Cabo from September to November. 
  • Roosterfish – These species love the warm waters in Baja, California, and you can spot them from May to August. 
  • Striped Marlin – They usually visit Cabo San Lucas from January to July. 
  • Black Marlin – They are the exact opposite of the Striped Marlin. They come to Cabo San Lucas from July to December. 
  • Blue Marlins – These prefer to visit somewhere around the middle of the Calendar, from July to October. 
  • Mahi Mahi – Catch the mahi mahi from July to November. 

As you can see, most breeds hang around Cabo waters from May to November. However, Cabo’s coastline has plenty of fish throughout the year. 

Is Peak Season in Cabo San Lucas Great for Fishing?

Peak season in Cabo usually starts from mid-December to April. It usually doesn’t fall under the best fishing season, which we have established is from May to November. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find any fish in the sea. During peak season, you can find all types of Marlin and, sometimes, the Mahi Mahi. 

If fishing is the main reason you want to come to Cabo, avoid the peak season. It’s better to visit once the masses have left. Also, during fishing season, you are more likely to encounter different species.

Is Shore Fishing Available in Cabo?

If you don’t want to get deeper into the waters, you can practice shore fishing in Cabo. No permit is needed. However, there are limited species on the shore. Some fish you may catch include Roosterfish, groupers and mackerel. 

A polite note about shore fishing in Cabo: you should be aware of the dangerous rock formations on the shores. It’s advisable to avoid such and fish in the open. But if you want an unforgettable fishing experience, you should charter a boat to the best fishing hotspots in Cabo. Some popular fishing destinations include the Finger Bank, Gordo Bank and the San Jamie Bank. The Santa Maria Canyon is also a great spot to catch mahi mahi and tuna.

Stay With Us During Your Fishing Trip in Cabo

Whether you plan to visit Cabo during the fishing or peak season, it’s essential that you have a comfortable and safe place to stay. RCSL has exclusive access to some of the finest luxury vacation rentals within this beautiful resort city. Our villas are packed with all the amenities you may need for an unforgettable fishing vacation in Cabo.