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The Best Shopping Centers in Los Cabos

The Best Shopping Centers in Los Cabos

If you are like most tourists, a trip to Cabo San Lucas would be incomplete without some local shopping. Whether you want to buy gifts for loved ones back home, souvenirs, or a pair of bathing suits that you forgot to pack, there are many market centers in Los Cabos. Even though Cabo San Lucas is mainly a resort city known for its sandy beaches, it’s an ideal place to indulge in local shopping. Here are some of the best shopping markets in Los Cabos, where you can find almost anything. 

1. Plaza Puerto Paraiso

Comprising of three floors, all packed with boutiques and shops, Plaza Puerto Paraiso is the biggest shopping mall in Los Cabos. Here you can buy clothes, crafts, arts, and much more. At the Plaza Puerto Paraiso, you can also find restaurants where you can enjoy brunch after shopping. There is also a 10-theatre cinema which usually hosts Los Cabos’ annual film festivals. If you love art, this is the best place to shop when visiting Cabo San Lucas. 

Also, if you need to convert dollars into local currency, there are a couple of stations here. It’s much easier to shop with pesos, even though most vendors here accept dollars.

2. Marina Mercado

For the past twenty years, Marina Mercado has been the go-to shopping center for locals and tourists in Los Cabos. It is a market where you can shop for art from local artisans. Initially, Marina Mercado was a showplace for classic cars. But it has become a market for jewelry, clothing, ceramics, carvings, ironwood, and a wide range of Mexican goods. 

Marina Mercado is located at the heart of Los Cabos. Therefore, it’s easy to get here with private transportation. Also, there is ample parking space.

3. Luxury Avenue

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, Luxury Avenue is the best place for you to shop when you are in Cabo San Lucas. In this shopping center, you can find luxurious boutiques that stock items from high-end brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Montblanc, and Hugo Boss, amongst others. Luxury Avenue is the ideal place to shop if you crave a luxurious experience. 

4. Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port

This waterfront shopping district is home to shopping, entertainment, and dining joints. There are plenty of shops that sell accessories, resort fashion, beachwear, gifts, art and crafts, amongst many other things. What we love most about the Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port is the presence of a flea market where you can get crazy deals on various goods. Due to its close location to the ocean, you can go for a scuba diving tour immediately after you are done shopping. 

5. Patio Los Cabos

Initially known as Plaza Sendero, Patio Los Cabos has almost everything you need, from clothes to electronics. It’s a favorite for the locals. Therefore, it’s an ideal site for tourists who enjoy interacting. There are also several restaurants where you can have a taste of Mexican cuisine. Though it’s always packed, Patio Los Cabos has lots of parking space and is located a few minutes from town. 

6. Cabo San Lucas Marina

The Marina is a popular destination in Cabo San Lucas. It’s where you will find fishing charters. It’s also a market center. The Marina is a waterfront hub with entertainment, dining, and shopping stores. There are several gifts and souvenir shops. You can also source handmade arts and crafts. If you like movies, you can check out the cinema. Or dine in one of the quick food restaurants. 

You can find waterfront, high-end, and plenty of flea markets in Los Cabos. You can buy art, souvenirs, clothes and accessories in these centers. Most of these shopping centers also have additional facilities such as cinemas and restaurants.