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Is Cabo San Lucas a Good Place to Bring Kids?

Is Cabo San Lucas a Good Place to Bring Kids

Cabo San Lucas is an excellent destination to bring your kids along for vacations and holidays. Some of our vacation rentals are located along clean beaches where families can spend time playing along the beaches and nature parks. Rest assured that your kids will have fun and, most importantly, have great memories. 

Here is a list of some of our favourite activities you can indulge in with your kids while on vacation:

Take Your Kids to Nature Parks

You can take your kids for a fantastic experience at the petting zoo near Playa El Tule. You will find the Cabo Pulmo national park, where the kids can have snorkelling adventures viewing beautiful and colourful fish, not forgetting the coral gardens underwater. Alternatively, you can visit Park Ballena, a park with a children’s playground between the mega shopping mall and plaza Garufi.

Spend Your Days Along the Beach

One can take their kids to the beach. Although there are not many facilities at the beach, there are a lot of water activities that can be done. Some family-friendly beaches include Medano beach, which is close to downtown Cabo San Lucas. It has excellent views of the arch. At the same time, the marina Cabo San Lucas has different places to buy affordable food and drinks. The beaches are immaculate, and all have spectacular views during the day and at night.

Swim With the Dolphins

This activity takes place in the shallow waters and therefore makes it capable for children from the age of 4 to enjoy it. It is also less tiring for the kids since the dolphins do most of the work. The kids can ride on their fins and, since they allocate photographers, get great photos for an unforgettable experience.

Watching the Whales

The most common whales are the humpback and grey whales. You can take your kids to watch the whales jump. One does not need to sign up for a tour, but if you are going with kids, you might need an experienced guide to help you around. This activity will be memorable and will keep your kids happy. Through an observation chamber, you can also view different types of fish and, if lucky, see the dolphins. You can enjoy this in a submarine

Horse and Camelback Riding

You can take your kids to ride around the Baja landscapes or along any of the sandy beaches. Your family can choose any trail of their liking. In Cuadra San Francisco, you can experience a 2-hour canyon trip. They offer riding instructors and polo lessons. Horse riding along the shores will be a ride to remember because of the great ocean views and tall desert cacti

Wild Canyon Adventures

Adventurous and daring youngsters will enjoy these wild activities. The thrill of bungee jumping in the middle of the canyon and ziplining will make your trip unforgettable. You can enjoy crossing hanging bridges and zipping down towering canopies. Additionally, they also offer off-road racing.

Check Out Some of Our Kid-friendly Vacation Rentals in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is undeniably the best holiday destination for children and families. If you are looking for a vacation rental, RCSL has some kid-friendly options worth checking out. These listings are equipped with all the essential amenities you and your kids may need to have an unforgettable holiday.