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7 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be in Cabo

7 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be in Cabo

Choosing where you should go for your next vacation isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. If you have been hearing about Cabo San Lucas or seen pictures of friends in this vacation destination on social media. You may be thinking about visiting it. 

Cabo San Lucas is a remarkable resort city where the desert meets the sea. Besides the stunning landscapes, Cabo San Lucas has lots of exciting activities for families, friends, and couples on a romantic getaway.

If Cabo San Lucas has been on your radar for a while, here are reasons why you should visit.

1. Blue Flag Sandy Beaches

You are probably thinking – I can find sandy beaches anywhere. Why should I fly to Cabo? Well, the beaches here have a blue flag. The blue flag is an international award for clean, safe, and well-maintained beaches. Therefore, these aren’t the ordinary beaches you will find in most vacation destinations.

2. Lots of Water Adventures

If you enjoy surfing, snorkeling, whale watching, and scuba diving, the clear waters in Cabo will provide you with the perfect experience. To get the most out of water excursions, make sure you book a luxury villa that’s close to the ocean. 

3. Fascinating Rock Formations

Cabo is also home to marvelous rock formations. While you are here, you can travel to Lands End and see the Iconic Arch. The rock formations look fantastic and make excellent backdrops for Instagram selfies. 

4. Amazing Weather

In Cabo San Lucas, the sun shines almost throughout the year. The only time it rains is in August and September. It’s also not vulnerable to storms or hurricanes. Therefore, you can enjoy an uninterrupted vacation in Cabo without worrying about rain or storms. The long hours of sunshine allow you to explore and engage in as many excursions as possible. 

5. It’s Easily Accessible

There are several easy ways to access this beautiful resort city in Mexico. You can fly to Cabo. Due to the high number of tourists that flock to this part of Mexico, the authorities have significantly enhanced air transportation. For those who love road trips, you can drive here with a group of buddies as you explore various landscapes. 

The last method of accessing Cabo is by sea. There are ocean cruises that regularly come to Cabo. You can book one and experience an offshore tour.

6. Cabo is a Safe Resort City

Understandably, you may be reluctant to visit a city in another country due to safety concerns. But we can assure you Cabo is safe. This part of the country has never experienced any drug-related violence. Also, the US and Canadian administration does a great job of issuing travel warnings. 

Cabo is so safe that many ex-pats from around the world have decided to settle here.

7. A Vibrant Nightlife

Cabo’s nightlife is spicier and more vibrant than most vacation destinations. There are many fancy clubs within the city which makes club hopping fun. The music is great, and you will have a fantastic time. 

Stay in Our Luxury Villas to Avoid the Crowds

Because of the reasons discussed above, Cabo is an ideal vacation destination for many people. That’s why the hotels are always packed with tourists. You can stay in one of our luxury villas and enjoy an exclusive experience. If you are planning to visit Cabo, RCSL has some of the best vacation rentals in the city. Our villas are far from the crowds but closer to stunning landscapes and views of the sea.