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Rancho San Lucas Golf Club Renamed Solmar Golf Links

Rancho San Lucas Golf Club Renamed Solmar Golf Links

The Rancho San Lucas Golf Club is one of a kind. We have to hand it down to Greg Norman for designing a golf course that stretches from the sea to the desert foothills. Besides the stunning views, players enjoy the challenge of playing in this well-crafted terrain. Not forgetting the many game options enthusiasts can indulge themselves in. 

New Name, Same Great Golfing Experience In Cabo

Even though it’s amongst the top golf destinations in Cabo San Lucas, management issued a notice regarding a change in the name and logo. If you are planning to visit, don’t worry. Nothing is going to change except for this slight rebranding. 

Rancho San Lucas will now go by Solmar Golf Links, and they have a new logo. This name better fits this golf course because it elaborates more about the layout. For those who have visited Solmar Golf Links, you can agree that this name better represents the course. 

For those who haven’t, Greg Norman, when designing this golf course, he customized the course to fit the terrain exactly how it is. The course runs from dunes to a cactus forest and then all the way to the beach. In every hole, you can get a clear view of the ocean. That’s how impressive this golf course is. 

If you think the design is amazing, wait until you visit the two comfort stations built on the course. These are equally designed to look impressive. And both have a view of the sea. They serve Mexican cuisine. Therefore, you can complement your golf excursion with a native Mexican lunch. 

Solmar Golf Links A Top 10 Golf Course In Los Cabos

Solmar Golf Links isn’t your typical golf course. The management of this facility has done an incredible job in conserving water, facilitating wildlife habitat, and preserving native acreage. Special congratulations to the director of Solmar Golf Links, Andrew Gilchrist, from Scotland, who is well experienced with golf courses located on the seaside. 

Solmar Golf Links in Los Cabos
Solmar Golf Links in Los Cabos

Solmar is borrowed from the Spanish words Sol and Mar, which mean sun and sea, respectively. A close look at the logo shows the image of a humpback whale, which are common creatures in the waters of Cabo San Lucas. On top of it is the sun, which symbolizes Cabo San Lucas’s warm weather. Whoever was in charge of the rebranding was quite creative and symbolic. 

Golf enthusiasts planning to visit and play some Cabo San Lucas golf should know that Rancho San Lucas Golf Club has been renamed Solmar Golf Links. Though the name and logo are new, the course still has an impressive layout, and the amenities have been significantly improved. Get in touch with RCSL for an all-inclusive golf package for the rebranded Solmar Golf Links.