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Our 5 Favorite Outdoor Activities in Cabo

Our 5 Favorite Outdoor Activities in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful resort city with lots of outdoor activities. If you are making a trip to this remarkable destination, here are a couple of adventures worth exploring.

1. Whale Watching

Have you ever seen a whale in person? If you haven’t, a trip to Cabo can help you tick this off your bucket list. Whales aren’t only huge but they are one of the longest living creatures on earth. When you book for a whale watching trip in Cabo waters, you can learn many interesting facts about these sea monsters. 

Gray and humpback whales often visit Cabo San Lucas during winter. They often migrate from Alaska when the temperatures start to change. Our concierge can take you to popular whale spots.

2. Fishing Expeditions

Do you enjoy fishing as a sport or hobby? Cabo San Lucas is the best place for you to catch a wide range of fish ranging from tuna to groupers. When you charter a fishing boat, you can head into the deeper waters where you will catch different types of species. 

Cabo San Lucas often hosts fishing competitions throughout the year. If you have a lot of experience, you can participate in these contests and test your skills with other professionals. For those of you who fish for leisure, you can catch some mahi-mahi and take it home where your private chef can prepare it as dinner. 

3. Golfing

Not everyone loves fishing. The good news is that Los Cabos is home to a wide range of outdoor activities. And golfing is one of the most popular options. Cabo has more than 18 golf courses. Each course has a unique layout. Therefore, you can try out your skills in various terrains and challenges. 

When visiting this amazing resort city, you can choose from the Cabo San Lucas Country Club or the popular Quivira golf club. We can organize private transportation to and from either of these golf courses. 

What we love most about the golf courses in Cabo is they are built along sand dunes overlooking the ocean. You will, therefore, enjoy stunning views from every hole.

4. Zip Lining + ATV Tours

The reason we have combined these two outdoor activities together is because they often occur at the same time. You and your loved ones can go an ATV tour and start from the beach as you head to the desert where you will find ziplines. 

ATV tours are fun and thrilling. The same applies to zip lining. Both activities will allow you to explore Cabo San Lucas terrain. You can also use this opportunity to admire the desert flora and fauna. 

5. Snorkeling

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most outdoor activities are water related. After all, Cabo San Lucas is a beach destination. If you are not afraid to get inside the water, snorkeling is one of the most interesting outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas. 

This activity allows you to explore Cabo’s fascinating underwater marine life. From rock formations to different types of fish such as parrotfish, surgeon fish and sea turtles, there is a lot for you to see when you wear snorkeling equipment. 

If you have never tried snorkeling, there are professionals who will train you. It’s a pretty easy sport and once you learn it, you will never want to leave Cabo. 

We would love for you to stay in one of our luxury vacation rentals when you visit Cabo San Lucas. Rent Cabo San Lucas is more than just a host. Besides providing you with high-end villas with luxurious amenities, we can plan all these outdoor excursions for you, your friends and family.