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5 Recommended Things to Do at Medano Beach

5 Recommended Things to Do at Medano Beach

A trip to Cabo San Lucas would be incomplete without a visit to Medano beach. There are lots of beaches in Cabo, but very few are as fun and interesting as Medano. Also known as Playa El Medano, this beach is home to many excursions. Most of the time, Medano Beach is usually crowded. Therefore, if you don’t have a clearly laid out itinerary, you may be overwhelmed by the numerous activities occurring simultaneously. 

Here are five recommended things you should do to ensure you have the most fun at Medano beach. 

1. Water Excursions

Even though fishing charters are mostly available at the Marina, you can engage in a wide range of water excursions at Medano Beach. You can rent a kayak, surfboard, or even our personal favorite, a parasailing tour. The latter is an opportunity to get a bird’s view of the popular landmarks in Cabo San Lucas, such as Land’s End. Medano Beach is a must-visit if you are a fan of water sports. 

2. Explore the Mexican Cuisine

If you are always eating Mexican food when you are back home. A visit to Medano Beach is an opportunity to try authentic Mexican cuisine. There are several restaurants located alongside the beach and near it. They sell seafood and also offer international menus such as wings, burgers, and pizza. With so many dining spots, you and your loved ones can enjoy dinner by the beachside. 

3. Nightlife

If you thought that the daytime activities are too much, wait until it gets dark. Medano beach is known for its rowdy nightlife. There is a lot of music, and every nightclub close by is packed with tourists enjoying their time with friends or locals. 

Plenty of establishments provide an exciting nightlife experience in Medano beach. A good example is Mango Deck. Since you are new to Cabo, as you enjoy the wild nightlife, it’s a good idea to organize private transportation as it makes club hopping fun and safe.

4. Shopping

Medano beach isn’t more of a shopping hub, but you will come across plenty of vendors selling handicrafts, souvenirs, t-shirts, and hats. Therefore, if you want to buy something and still have fun, Medano beach is a suitable location. Besides handicrafts, you can also buy icy treats. The snow cones here are super sweet. There are also local food vendors positioned at various corners. If you want to shop heavily, plan to visit some of the city’s mini-markets. 

5. Stay at a Luxury Villa

As you explore Medano beach, your attention will be drawn to the many luxury villas located near or within this beach. As a tourist, booking accommodation early in advance is advisable to avoid a last-minute rush. RCSL can help you secure a luxury vacation rental near Medano beach. Our villas have the best amenities, and you are guaranteed of exceptional concierge services. 

Staying close to Medano beach is an excellent idea if you love water-related activities or the crazy nightlife. 

Final Thoughts

Playa El Medano isn’t your typical resort beach. It has many watersport facilities, and you can enjoy stunning sea views. If you are visiting Cabo, make sure you visit Medano beach or, even better, book a luxury vacation rental near it for easier access.