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Cabo San Lucas vs. Cancun: Which is the Best Beach Destination?

Cabo San Lucas vs. Cancun Which is the Best Beach Destination

Mexico was ranked the 6th most visited country in 2017. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a trip to Mexico is on your bucket list. But which part of Mexico should you visit? If it were possible, many of you would tour the entire country. 

Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are among the top beach destinations in Mexico. Many tourists are often torn between these two travel destinations. 

Both resort cities have many attraction sites, excellent weather, and friendly communities. But there are a couple of notable differences between these two destinations. 

We will review these differences so that you can decide which city offers the best vacation experience. 

Which Resort City Offers the Best Entertainment?

There is no denying that entertainment is one of the main reasons people travel to other countries. Vacations are all about having fun and immersing yourself in new experiences. 

In Cabo San Lucas and Cancun, you can party hard every night. The music in both cities is fantastic. You will find awesome nightclubs where you can party all night long. 

However, there is a slight difference between Cabo San Lucas and Cancun’s nightlife. The latter resort city has more nightclubs that are bigger and annoyingly noisy. In Cabo San Lucas, the nightlife is a bit personal and intimate. 

In Los Cabos, the clubs are located in the downtown district. Here is the best part, they are located closely together. That means that if you are relaxing in your luxury vacation rental on the other side of the city, there is no noise disturbance. At the same time, if you want to get wild, all you have to do is request private transportation

For those who are fans of club hopping, Cabo San Lucas offers a better experience. Since all clubs are located close together, it’s easier for you to walk from one entertainment joint to another. In Cancun, club hopping requires a lot of traveling, which can be a nuisance for most tourists.

Which is the Best Beach Destination? Cabo San Lucas or Cancun?

When it comes to a comparison of which between the two is the better beach destination, the competition is very stiff. Cabo San Lucas and Cancun have many beaches and water-related excursions ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving

In Cabo San Lucas, swimming is prohibited on some beaches due to strong currents. However, with the help of your concierge, you can get recommendations for beaches that permit swimming and other activities. The waters in Cancun are more laid back. But the problem is that the beaches here are pretty crowded. 

Cabo San Lucas is the place to visit if you prefer less touristy and laid-back beaches. 

Additional Differences Between Cancun and Cabo San Lucas

  • Cancun is way bigger than Cabo San Lucas. If you are traveling from a big city, you should opt for a small-town vibe and experience something different. 
  • In terms of weather, it rains more in Cancun, especially from September to November. Los Cabos is slightly hotter and less humid. Therefore, the climate here is endurable. 
  • Cancun has a flat terrain. On the other hand, Cabo San Lucas is mountainous, and here is the interesting part, a desert partly borders this resort city. Therefore, you can explore different terrains, from sandy beaches to mountains and deserts, during excursions.

Bottom Line

Cabo San Lucas and Cancun may look the same in travel magazines but are very different. If you are finding it hard to choose between the two, after reading the above post, you should be able to make an informed decision on which travel destination is best.