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5 Picture-Perfect Locations in Cabo San Lucas

5 Picture-Perfect Locations in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is the ideal destination for great photography. However, some people think that taking photos takes away the travel experience. On the contrary, photography makes you more aware of the surroundings, and the pictures help you remember the experience years later. 

Cabo San Lucas has the most scenic views from the desert to the clear blue sea. If you love taking pictures, here is a guide to the most photogenic spots and views in Cabo.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

El arco is located at the southernmost point of the peninsula and is also the most famous landmark in Cabo. This rock formation is a remarkable work of art. Even though you can see the arch from the beach, it’s more exciting when you charter a yacht to this destination, because you get to take more spectacular shots.

The Medano beach

This is the most popular beach, with many visitors enjoying the white sands and clear turquoise waters. Playa el Medano is one of the busiest beaches, and one can stay here from sunrise to sunset due to the overwhelming activities offered here. One can also view the famous rock formation making this a very photogenic spot and not forgetting activities like snorkeling, whale watching, parasailing, and kayaking, making the experiences even more exciting.

Playa del Amor

If you are traveling with your lover, this is the most iconic spot to take adorable photos. The lovers’ beach is only accessible by water taxis and hidden among the rocks. You can cool off while swimming while you wait for the sunset. Also, don’t forget your shoes since the sands get hot in the afternoon. Adventurous and wild people can enjoy scuba diving in the sand falls of Neptune’s finger.

Art walk

The art district is colorful and lively, with brightly colored buildings bursting with high-end galleries from one street to the other. Whether you are window shopping or just taking an evening walk, you can pop by the local restaurants, enjoy some traditional cuisines, and later on sip some margaritas while enjoying the street performers like dancers. The gallery district, as known locally, is the cultural center of the entire city.

Baja California Sur

Here, you can enjoy camel rides as you admire beautiful landscapes. You can take amazing photos while riding a camel or a horse along the Cabo desert and sandy beaches. Camel riding is a trendy adventure for tourists. The refreshing sea breeze and sights are to look forward to, not forgetting the experience.

Explore More Picture-Perfect Locations While Staying with Us

There are plenty of beautiful photography locations in Cabo San Lucas. The above is just a sneak peek. The best way to explore these hidden gems is by planning a trip to this wonderful resort city. RCSL would love to host you in one of our luxury villas which feature exclusive amenities. Get in touch with us today so that we can plan your dream vacation in Cabo San Lucas.