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How Much Money Do I Need in Los Cabos?

How Much Money Do I Need in Los Cabos

Located in the Baja California Sur, Cabo is the perfect vacation destination. Filled with breathtaking natural sceneries infused with plenty of thrilling and adventurous activities, there are hundreds of reasons why you should take a trip to Cabo San Lucas. As you make an itinerary of must-see attraction sites, it’s essential to determine how much money you should bring. We will give you an overview of some of the expenditures you are likely to make on your vacation so that you can make necessary financial arrangements. 


A considerable amount of your vacation expenditure will go to accommodation. There are all sorts of accommodations in Cabo San Lucas. However, if you are craving an unforgettable experience, we highly recommend seeking accommodation in a luxurious vacation rental. When exploring accommodation options, villas offer the best experiences. 

On a villa, you can have access to a pool or a private beach. Most villas come with private chefs, and that’s an added advantage because you will never have to step foot in the kitchen. They are also located in serene and secure estates far away from crowded hotels. The average rate of a luxurious villa in Cabo is around $1000 per night. On such a villa, you should get access to exclusive amenities that guarantee a royal vacation experience. 

It’s advisable to book your room via a debit/credit card. This will ensure you don’t travel with a lot of cash.

Food and Dining

In Cabo, you will get a chance to explore both local and international cuisines. Being a resort city, various high-end restaurants source chefs from different parts of the continent. Therefore, if you want to indulge in the local cuisine or something different, that’s not going to be a problem. 

Regarding food and dining, you can choose between preparing meals at your villa or visiting farm-to-table restaurants. Preparing meals at the villa will cost less money. Also, you can utilize grocery delivery services to have fresh food brought to your villa. On the other hand, there are plenty of table-to-fork restaurants in Cabo. The latter allows you to explore Cabo’s native and spicy cuisine. 

For food, you can spend around $50 to $100 per day when dining at your luxury vacation rental. However, if you visit the best restaurants in Cabo, meals can cost around $100. That will depend on what you will eat and the number of guests.


Despite being a resort city, Cabo’s drinks rates are almost the same as those back home. For instance, imported beer costs $2 to $5 for a 330ml bottle. Local beer is much cheaper and can cost from $1 to $3. The prices of cocktails, tequila, gin and vodka also remain at the price range you are used to. If you will have a butler in your villa, you can inquire about prices, and they will provide you with a list.


Similar to food and accommodation, excursions are a basic need if you visit Los Cabos. From fishing charters to ATV tours, you should participate in as many activities as possible when visiting Cabo. The service providers set the rates for tours and activities. They also differ depending on the type of excursion. For instance, a helicopter ride will cost more than an ATV tour in the desert. To get the exact rates for excursions, please get in touch with your concierge. If you plan on trying out many activities, your daily expenditure can range from $300 to $700, depending on how many excursions you attend. Don’t forget to set aside funds for private transportation when budgeting for tours.

Exchange Rates in Cabo

Being a resort city, you can make payments in most places in USD or AUD. However, to avoid obstacles during your trip, you should have a considerable amount of money in the Mexican Peso. At home, before getting on a plane to Cabo, you can change USD or AUD to Pesos. Alternatively, you can use the ATMs in Los Cabos to withdraw pesos. Or, if you prefer cashless interactions, you can pay using your card. At the moment, 1 USD goes for 20 Mexican Pesos. Most exchange rates will range around such figures.