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What Wildlife Will I See in Cabo?

What Wildlife Will I See in Cabo

Apart from the fantastic nightclub experiences and warm sandy beaches, Cabo San Lucas is home to many wild animals. There are a lot of wildlife-related activities to pick from if you are a lover of nature. From sea animals, birds to chipmunks and iguanas, here are some of the intriguing creatures that can be spotted in Cabo.


Cabo is mainly known for whale watching. The most popular being the grey and humpback whales. They often visit Cabo from mid-December to mid-April. Other whales that can be seen occasionally are the blue whales, sperm whales and fin whales.


When you get into the deeper seas, you can be lucky to see a variety of dolphins such as spinner, bottlenose and the vaquita porpoise. You can also spot the killer whale, the most significant member of the dolphin family.

Sea lions

The sea lions in Cabo are well known for their barking sounds, which grow louder as you approach them. They often come near the boats to greet the tourists. You can watch sea lions bask, feed or play in the sun. The sea of Cortez is popular with seals, sea elephants and California sea lions.

Various Fish Species

The sea of Cortez, also known as the world’s natural aquarium, contains clear warm waters that make scuba diving an exciting experience especially due to the presence of colourful fish. 

Chileno bay or along the tourist corridor is ideal for snorkelling excursions. Cabo hosts billfish and sailfish; a wide range of sharks like whale sharks, blue sharks and hammerheads. 

The eagle ray weighs up to two tons, as guitarfish and string rays—various shellfish like mussels, oysters, shrimp and lobsters. Also, the barracuda and squids can be seen at the sea’s sandy bottom.


There are over 250 different species of birds that can be viewed at the estuary located in San Jose del Cabo. Most tropical species live here all year round, while others just come during migration. Some of these birds include; brown pelicans, the gull, herons, sandpipers, loons, plover, osprey and the beautiful frigate bird.

Other bird species live in freshwater, including the common moorhen, American coot, common snipe, teal, northern waterthrush and two duck species. Different types of birds that can be spotted include hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, woodpeckers, falcons, owls, cactus wrens and merlins.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Cabo san Lucas hosts up to thirty species of lizards, including the desert iguanas, chuckwalla, and the coast-horned lizard. Salamanders, toads and frogs can be found here. Sea turtles also dwell here in Cabo. Since these animals are endangered, it is considered illegal to hunt them.

There is a wide range of snakes that can be found here. Most of them are very dangerous and rarely come in contact with humans. The yellow-bellied sea snake, rattlesnake and Baja California rattler are considered deadly, while the bullsnake,  California lyre snake, and spotted leaf-nosed snake don’t contain venom.

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