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6 Things to Pack When Traveling to Cabo

6 Things to Pack When Traveling to Cabo

It’s funny how our minds forget the most important things when packing for a vacation. We may blame it on excitement or late preparations. But forgetting essential travel gear can inconvenience your vacation experience in Cabo San Lucas. Thanks to our line of work, which entails offering luxury vacation rentals in Cabo, we have identified some common things most visitors tend to forget. 

Before leaving your home, ensure you have the following items in your bag. 

1. Travel and Identification Documents

When visiting a foreign country, travel and identification documents are a must-have. Otherwise, you may not even be able to board your flight. 

One of the crucial documents needed is a passport. Your passport must be valid and should contain all essential details. You will be given a Mexican tourist card when you board your plane. This allows you to enter Mexico as a tourist. This card has to be filled out and shouldn’t be misplaced. Please carry a pen because they don’t usually hand out tourist cards with pens.

Safely keep your tourist card because if you lose it, you will be fined before you get a new form. 

2. Sunscreen

A common mistake most visitors make is assuming they will buy sunscreen once they get to Cabo. Considering this is a foreign town, you have no clue where the stores are. Therefore, getting your hands on some will be a hustle. To be safe, pack some sunscreen in your bag. There is a lot of sunshine in Cabo. If you don’t want to return home with sunburns, sunscreen is a must. 

Sometimes sunscreen is never enough, especially if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you carry a sunhat or visor.

3. A Waterproof Phone Case

If your phone is waterproof, skip to step four. But if it’s not, you may want to shop around for a waterproof phone case. Otherwise, you may not come back with a functional phone. Cabo is a beach destination. That means there are lots of water-related excursions. It’s very easy for your phone to slip out of your pocket and into the water. A waterproof phone case will prevent that and save you money on replacements. 

4. Several Pairs of Comfy Athletic Shoes

Once you get to Cabo, every day is an opportunity to explore. So, if you are not playing golf at the One and Only Palmilla. You are on an ATV tour in the desert. These activities require a comfy set of shoes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a pair of heels for dinner dates. 

5. A Swimsuit

Don’t forget to carry a swimsuit when packing for a trip to Cabo. The first instinct that comes to mind when you arrive at a luxury vacation rental is to dive into the pool. For that, you are going to need a swimsuit. And not just one, several of them. Besides swimming, your suit will come in handy during yacht charters and beach parties. 

6. A Light Jacket

Why do I need a light jacket, and the weather in Cabo is hot? Well, that’s true. But Cabo has a desert-like climate. Therefore, it can get pretty chilly at night. If you are heading out for a night of fun or an evening date, a light jacket will keep you warm. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the necessities you should carry on a trip to Cabo. It’s advisable to have an open mind. Look around your wardrobe and bring what you think is necessary.